Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ok...I Think I "Get It" ...

One of my homeless friends & SUPER duper fan of, Posie...just rode his bicycle into the city (2 miles) to let me know that after 15 yrs...he was no longer homeless. 

Just so you know, he's always worked (including picking up trash in parking lots for companies & stores-in trade for food). 

I asked him did he need anything for the house-I'd like to help. His response, "No-I have everything I need. I always have. In 15 yrs out here-I've never been robbed, hurt, and always had food/clothes on my back...God is good and faithful. It hasn't been easy...but I really feel blessed." Did you hear that???? God is GOOD ....and FAITHFUL...said the man who lived with next to NOTHING!

He continued...."I really just wanted you to know that I now have a home. A REAL home. I don't have many people to share such good news with and just want to tell everyone!....You've been really kind to me. Even just offering conversation and time with your little dog. Most people are so mean/rude-even though they don't know me...I don't think folks understand that it could happen to anyone...and once you get down that's almost impossible to 'get out'..I appreciate your friendship is's like no matter how rough it's been-God wanted me to know He was always watchin' me and sent so many angels to cover me."

Transitioning......I've had a few folks in my building give me grief about it....they don't like "them" hanging around the park across the street or whatever...Once a lady in the elevator said to me (in a tone I'm sure you can imagine) "You know...I really wish you'd stop encouraging those kinds of people. I've reported some of them for loitering. You only make it worse." I literally looked at her...smiled....and responded, "It's unfortunate you feel that way. Have a blessed night." *She no longer speaks to me.

Bottom line: Like many these days...I'm on a pretty tight budget...I give food...blankets...gather up items to make goody-bags...LOTS of pb&j sandwiches-things of that nature...but in the midst of ALL of it...I've totally and FINALLY forgotten about "what it is I THINK I'm doing for them" (oh-so-holier-than-thou-mentality)...I'm thankful....HUMBLED....BLESSED....for knowing each and every one of them. They really are my friends. 

I will never be able to truly express what I've gained for having some of them in my life. It's priceless when knowledge becomes wisdom. Don't get it twisted...that's no ME saying I'm brilliant...that's me quote my friend, "God is good...and faithful."

As we walked in separate directions...him pushing his bicycle along...I yelled back, "Hey! Thank you! This is the BEST news I've received in a really LONG time. It's good. Praise God!"

He smiled and said, "Tell Posie hi for me."

Friday, September 9, 2011

This & That & That's All.

I'm back for my second blog. Not sure how many people actually read this stuff . . . I have many things going on in my life right now, but not really going to address anything specific. Today is all about this . . . and that . . . and that's all. What this means for you is seemingly nonsensical imagery. Like this: and I realize folks probably grow tired of me mentioning art, but it doesn't stop for me. It's my thing - so whatever. Here's this circle I made.

And now for no reason, I shall post a photo of a Swiss Army Knife. If I had the cash - I'd like to own one.

My Dad really enjoys these wafer cookies. I have some and plan to eat them, but before having done it - I organized them and took a photograph. It's merely more evidence that multiples are nice to look at . . . when you can see anything sort of, "put together" it seems as though it has some value - even if it's merely aesthetic. So allow me to present these wafer cookies.

I made this collage.

One - maybe two more photographs and then "I'm out." Here's one of, Madonna. I'm fairly certain she's imitating, Ernest Borgnine here. I really should stop typing right now and call, John Fallon - ask him if Madonna is "still happening?" . . . I wonder if he'll know the answer.

The last thing. . . if you google, "things that are yummy" - select images, and scroll down really far - this skirt appears. I don't have time for rebuttal but I'd venture to guess that yummy must fall under the subjective rather than objective category in this instance.

Yep. That ought to do it for now.